Jul 01 2009

Repurposed Packaging: The Packaging Of The Future?

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Now that consumers are really scrutinizing product packaging it seems that two important trends are emerging: consumers either want less or minimal packaging or they want to be able to reuse the packaging that products come in for something else. The name for this is emerging trend is repurposed packaging.

Repurposed packaging can mean a lot of different things and I’ll show some different examples illustrating that. The important factor to remember is that you are taking and existing package and using it for another purpose or secondary (hence repurpose).

In several cases as these examples the packaging and the product are designed to be reused and a self contained unit. One package does it all.


Great packaging innovation. Corrugated chair and packaging all in one self contained unit.

Or this lamp called Flamp a corrugated box than comes with a light bulb and hardware inside. You just plug it in and you are good to go.


This wine packaging turns into a stand to hold the wine after you get it home. Very utilitarian.


This is an excellent example of packaging with a secondary purpose. After the product is shipped you unfold the packaging and reconfigure it into a hangar for the shirt.


This pizza delivery box tears apart and turns into plates from which to eat the pizza saving on washing or using paper plates.


Lastly there is the reuse of old product packaging and turning it into something else entirely. Terracycle has turned this into a very profitable business and partners with companies like Kraft. Look for an upcoming interview with more insights on Terracycle and how it makes money out of your old packaging.


The point is to put on your creative thinking cap when developing new product packaging. Can the packaging you design be reused or repurposed into another product?

Will it save on adding additional packaging into the waste stream? (a consumer hot button)

Or can the package be part of the product itself? If so you have an instant connection to the consumer who wants to buy your product. Also think about your packaging’s second life as a new product as you design the packaging of the future.

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4 Responses to “Repurposed Packaging: The Packaging Of The Future?”

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  2. Andion 06 Jul 2009 at 5:16 pm 2

    I love the re-use of these items. Especially the pizza box, it can be used for eating and then re-cycled – love it! I like the wine packaging as well, great for a party!

  3. Peteron 10 Jun 2010 at 7:31 am 3

    For some odd reason I had a tingle in my spine just reading this.

    Turning something that used only to be thrown away into yet another, 2nd useful product consumers can value.

    The very idea.

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