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Feb 16 2012 Packaging Marketplace Moves Out of Beta, Enabling the Packaging Supply Chain

World’s leading sourcing marketplace expands their commitment to helping product manufacturing companies get their products to market faster and at the best value

The Packaging Diva partner, and creator of the packaging platform is proud to announce that they are taking the packaging marketplace out of beta. After months of rigorous testing, is elated to officially launch its proprietary packaging marketplace.  It is available immediately at, for all manufacturers in the packaging ecosystem.

The packaging marketplace is the only online platform that gives those who have a packaging need the on-demand tools to automatically discover and collaborate with the right suppliers, securely submit RFQs and receive quotes in an online, easy-to-compare format.  For packaging suppliers, the marketplace is the most powerful lead generation tool available, providing a steady stream of prospective customers from a variety of channels.

“We basically make a $1.3 trillion dollar industry that is complex and highly fragmented much easier to navigate,” said Mitch Free, Founder and CEO of, “We have had a lot of positive feedback and have worked diligently to get the packaging marketplace to this huge milestone and are pleased to be moving it officially out of beta.” is the global leader in online marketplaces for mechanical parts, textiles & apparel and now packaging.  87% of the Fortune 100 Manufacturing companies and hundreds of thousands of small & medium sized manufacturing businesses already use  With over 200,000 members in 50 countries, launching a packaging marketplace was a natural progression.

“We continue to be laser focused on helping product manufacturing companies get their products to market faster and at the best value. Almost everything that is manufactured needs to be packaged and finding the right supplier that will deliver on-time, under budget and to your rigorous quality standards can be a challenge,” said Free, “The packaging marketplace brings years of expertise in making these vial connections in diverse manufacturing industries.”

“I am honored to have been involved in the launch of this game-changing marketplace,” said JoAnn Hines, an industry expert branded the “Packaging Diva”, “A place where you can go to find qualified and rated suppliers based on your precise specifications and receive easily comparable quotes in real-time online was unheard of…until now. People come to me every day and ask for recommendations on where to find qualified packaging manufacturers. Now, the whole sourcing process is extremely streamlined. Making your packaging requirements become a reality is priceless in this ever-changing, complex industry.”

Go to to register for your free account.

About is the largest online marketplace for the global manufacturing industry.’s platform enables companies to intelligently connect, source, collaborate and perform due diligence with transparency and intellectual property protection. It supports virtually all manufacturing processes and industrial components, is in seven major languages, more than 50 currencies and has more than 200,000 contract manufacturers and members on five continents. is based in Atlanta and has offices in Shanghai and Paris. For more information: &

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Dec 21 2009

What was hot in packaging on Twitter W/O 12/14 and how it will impact your business.

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BPA decision soon, says the FDA.

There are two schools of thought as to whether BPA needs to be banned on food packaging. Manufacturers say its safe yet watchdog groups say its not. The FDA has been considering their position (some might say flip-flopping) for a while and everyone is waiting for the outcome. For more on the FDA and packaging read

What’s The FDA Got To Do With Packaging @

Complete article @

Haute Eco Containers – Organic Packaging by Lindsay Perkins Subtle Yet Sustainable

Glass is making a comeback as an eco friendly material. Just one problem, right now there is a shortage of glass manufacturers.

Complete Article @

Problem Is Not Packaging Design It’s Systems Design.

Part of what the green movement is all about is understanding what the consumer wants and expects in more eco-friendly packaging. Many companies are missing the mark with their green initiatives. Look for more on how the ReThink green packaging.

Complete Article @

Nexus One finally caught on video alongside its packaging.

Creating online buzz is just one way smart CPG’s are marketing their products. Look for many new applications in 2010.

Complete Article:

New Packaging Standards May Change Way You Shop

This is very worrisome for the packaging industry. Trying to mandate universal packaging standards. Packaging utilization and quality vary widely by country tying to equate developed countries packaging with that of emerging nations makes no sense. I’ve seen government packaging regulations before and it ain’t pretty.

Full Article :

Hot Button: Vicks recalls 700,000 packages of cold medicine.

When child proof packaging counts. This mistake was purely packaging and not the product. Something like this could happen to your product and cause substantial problems

Full Article:

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Dec 07 2009

What was hot in packaging W/O 11/30 and how it will impact your business.

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Versace, Valentino, Prada packaging supplier cuts ties with rain forest paper producer.

Could you be this supplier and have the rug pulled out form under you because of where you get your raw materials. Environmental issues are increasingly influencing purchasing decisions. One campaign against your packaging could be all it takes to put you out or business.

Full article @

Packaging That Is Full Of Air:

Wonder why some packaged products have so much empty space?  Consumer Reports want you to know that they are on the case. It’s been a long unanswered question why there is so much empty space in some packaging. Consumers don’t understand how things are manufactured .and they don’t really care when they see a half empty package.

A few reasons why are we are “packaging air”: Packaging efficiency/utilization, head space, contents settle during shipping, seal integrity, contents by weight. How can you tell a better packaging story that will make a customer understand?

We Have All Experienced This Package via Consumer Reports


Full article @

More Than 1 In 5 Small Firms Are Delaying Embracing Eco-friendly Measures Because Of Recession.

Some times it costs more to be environmentally friendly. Consumers want it yet few are willing to pay the increased price. When you are fighting for shelf space every touch point counts and pricing is just one of them. While consumers are looking for “value” options, it may not be the time for testing the eco waters.

Full article @

Hormel Foods Continues Reductions In Product Packaging

There are a lot of eco initiatives companies can undertake to make their products more environmentally friendly. Size reduction, lightweighting of materials, reconfiguring to be more space efficient, and eliminating excess packaging all will capture the hearts and minds of consumers that see excess and over packaged products as the bane of their existence.

Sans Paperboard Sleeve via


Full article @ Good initiatives!

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

So how do you combat the latest vagaries of the fickle consumer? You follow me either though my blog here, or on Twitter @packagingdiva or you hire me to help you keep abreast of the latest packaging trends technologies and innovations and how it will impact your business.

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Aug 28 2009

Pics of the week w/o 8/17/09

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Five “environmental + tasty” meal solutions microwavable and packaged entirely sustainable packaging.


Here is a packaging niche bet you never thought about: special packaging for duty free products.

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Jul 01 2009

Repurposed Packaging: The Packaging Of The Future?

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Now that consumers are really scrutinizing product packaging it seems that two important trends are emerging: consumers either want less or minimal packaging or they want to be able to reuse the packaging that products come in for something else. The name for this is emerging trend is repurposed packaging.

Repurposed packaging can mean a lot of different things and I’ll show some different examples illustrating that. The important factor to remember is that you are taking and existing package and using it for another purpose or secondary (hence repurpose).

In several cases as these examples the packaging and the product are designed to be reused and a self contained unit. One package does it all.


Great packaging innovation. Corrugated chair and packaging all in one self contained unit.

Or this lamp called Flamp a corrugated box than comes with a light bulb and hardware inside. You just plug it in and you are good to go.


This wine packaging turns into a stand to hold the wine after you get it home. Very utilitarian.


This is an excellent example of packaging with a secondary purpose. After the product is shipped you unfold the packaging and reconfigure it into a hangar for the shirt.


This pizza delivery box tears apart and turns into plates from which to eat the pizza saving on washing or using paper plates.


Lastly there is the reuse of old product packaging and turning it into something else entirely. Terracycle has turned this into a very profitable business and partners with companies like Kraft. Look for an upcoming interview with more insights on Terracycle and how it makes money out of your old packaging.


The point is to put on your creative thinking cap when developing new product packaging. Can the packaging you design be reused or repurposed into another product?

Will it save on adding additional packaging into the waste stream? (a consumer hot button)

Or can the package be part of the product itself? If so you have an instant connection to the consumer who wants to buy your product. Also think about your packaging’s second life as a new product as you design the packaging of the future.

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