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Jul 16 2009

Pics from the Diva’s tweetstream w/o 7/6/09


Aluminum is a durable and sustainable metal: two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is in use today. Photo:

Coke experimenting with aluminum bottle packaging, new forms and new sizes 2 try and recapture sagging soft drink market


Corporate social responsibility in a bottle: the new Tous H2O “Perfume of Life”, from Perfumes Y Diseño

The only way I can describe this is AWESOME. Hits packaging sustainability buttons too


Not much to look at but is important packaging trend for food packaging and is made from 100% post-consumer plastic.


Design by Turnstyle.

Adults buy packaging not kids. Images are cute but not sure this would induce me to buy.


Eco Friendly Toilet Paper with no Plastic Packaging: TP packaging trend of the future?

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May 14 2008

Packaging Green Watch:5/8/08

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Americans Trust Green Claims, But Support Government Oversight: Survey
GreenBiz – Oakland,CA,USA
The FTC hearing on April 30 will focus on green packaging terms like recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable and renewable, as well as consumers’ …

SCOR Goes Green
IndustryWeek – USA
… such as collaborating with partners on environmental issues, reducing fuel and energy consumption, and minimizing and reusing packaging materials. …

Wal-Mart drives sustainability, for real.
By Ed Milano
Alex Goldschmidt of Walmartwatch astutely reports the low compliance and low enforcement of Wal-Mart’s touted green packaging rules. Clearly some suppliers have called Wal-Mart’s bluff about the consequences for non-compliance. …

Macy’s Makes Some Green Moves Just in Time for Earth Day
By Deidre Woollard
Next up in the oh-look-we-are-green-too category comes Macy’s which has announced that they will start using shopping bags made in part with recycled paper at its Macy’s stores and biodegradable packaging for online shipments. …

Red, White, Rose or Green? New Environmental Website Announced for …
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
The web site documents the 85% packaging waste savings, which include the bottles, capsules, neck bands, corks, labels and large cardboard boxes. …

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Apr 14 2008

Packaging Greenwatch 4/11/08

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A depression will force us to change the way we live
Belleville Intelligencer – Belleville,Ontario,Canada
I believe that bulk stores will do well: with ready-made products subject to expensive packaging and high transportation costs, people will turn more and

Marketing Claims To “Green” Products And Greenwashing – We’re All
Mondaq News Alerts (subscription) – London,UK
Firstly, be honest when you make your green claim. If your product contains recycled materials in the packaging only, don’t promote your product as made

Watchdog crackdown on green claims
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The guidelines are a clear crackdown on the multi-million-dollar industry of environmentally friendly products, from toilet paper to food packaging,


EA proposes packaging regulations for 2009
MRW – London,England,UK
“This is because there are more direct economic incentives as far as the commercial sector is concerned because the people there directly have to pay for

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Apr 01 2008

Packaging Greenwatch

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China announces ban on free plastic bags
Times Online – UK
China’s 1.3 billion people use as many as three billion plastic bags a day. The habit has developed in a mere 15 years as China’s market reforms have sent

Diamond Packaging Launches Green Web Site
packagePrinting (press release) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
ROCHESTER, NY—Diamond Packaging has launched a new green Web site to coincide with the introduction of its Diamond greenbox initiative, the company’s

Return to sender, or many unhappy returns?
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
To add to the industry’s woes, the National Packaging Covenant, a voluntary deal between industry and governments that sets targets for recycling but in

Shoppers care more about animals than climate
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Twice as many are concerned about the amount of packaging on their food as think global warming is the most important issue.

Bottled water industry mounts campaign to fight eco-backlash
Brand Republic (subscription) – London,UK
and demonstrate what the industry is doing to reduce its environmental impact, such as reducing its carbon footprint through using recycled packaging. …

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Feb 15 2008


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What does it mean to go green
La Vista Sun – Papillion,Ne,USA
When shopping, the website suggests that people look for items that have minimal packaging. Many items come wrapped in packaging that is made from petroleum read

Expo Notes: FastTrack makes it easier being green
Macworld – San Francisco,CA,USA
The company has heard from people in the entertainment business who are working on coming up with more environmentally-friendly packaging for DVDs, read

Food Chains Take Lead in Conscious-Consumerism
Oak Brook Business Ledger – Oak Brook,IL,USA
total waste outputs, limiting excess packaging and reducing energy consumption. “At Whole Foods each individual is empowered to be green,” said Kwiatt. read

Compostable tray devised for meat packaging – Montpellier,France
In a further boost to the packaging’s green credentials, Biopak claims that the secondary packaging used to transport the trays is also biodegradable, read

Promoting your firm’s ‘green side’ can pay off big
Augusta Chronicle (subscription) – Augusta,GA,USA
If your packaging is made from recycled paper, then say so. If your company has reduced energy costs, then brag about! Making fuzzy claims, however, read

Poly-Pak unveils green packaging programme
Laundry and Cleaning News – Sidcup,England,UK
Poly-Pak Industries has unveiled an environmental packaging programme designed to help US retailers become more environmentally responsible. read

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