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Jan 16 2012

Packaging Blog Basics

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Even though packaging is the third largest industry in the US is always been behind the scenes and not in the forefront of the media especially on the social scene. The media and consumers are finally paying attention so the time for a successful and interesting packaging blog is now.

Because of renewed interest in packaging a lot of companies are creating packaging blogs. Every day new blogs surface. The way it works for most companies someone is assigned the task to blog about packaging without a serious understanding what blogging is all about.

I’ve been studying the packaging blogosphere for quite some time and there are really some superlative examples out there, especially in the realm of packaging design and packaging sustainability. I’ve created what I consider the most extensive list of packaging blogs at my own blogroll @ http://packaginguniversity.com/blog.

Before you get all huffy because you are not on my packaging blogroll list I’ll explain why.

The majority of packaging blogs are BORING! They simply don’t have a clue about how to blog or what to blog about. They are either collections of current news archives, directories of other packaging web sites or in the worst case scenario self serving sales promotions for the company. Who cares? Seriously people, provide some meaningful information. I’m not going to follow you (nor will any one else) if all you do is pitch products or showcase uninteresting product descriptions and I really don’t care who you just hired.

There is a whole world of exciting information on packaging available. That’s the whole secret behind successful blogging: compelling content, information or insights that people want to know. I don’t want to see a bunch of pages telling me what you are selling, I already know that. I want you to tell me how I can do my job better as a packaging professional, fix my packaging problems, be more cost effective, showcase the latest packaging innovations or stay in tune with the latest packaging trends.

What are the latest packaging trends?
Five Global Packaging Trends That Could Change Your Life @ http://bit.ly/sfRYLs
Tell me what you know, help me find some answers.
Ten Packaging Resolutions You Can Keep @ http://bit.ly/wHehm1
At the very least let me come away with some insights that will make me successful.
Does Your Packaging Speak Human? @ http://bit.ly/sJO5le

Prove to me that packaging is as interesting to the world as it is to you and your company. Learn these packaging blog basics and you will have a winning packaging blog kid will want follow and recommend to others.

Why listen to me? I’m the most influential packaging person in social media.  So follow me on Twitter as @packagingdiva and I’ll teach you how you can influential too.

Got a blog you want me to look at just comment here and I’ll take a peek.

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