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Dec 02 2011

The Power of Packaging

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Information overload. We all suffer from it. The average person is bombarded with in excess of 3,000 marketing messages a day.


Here’s just a few of recent ‘current’ phrases that are tugging at our hearts and minds hoping to capture your interest and make a sale.

What influences you today may not be the same as tomorrow.  With so many competing messages attempting to persuade you, how can you ensure your’s is the message that resonates?


Join me 12/8 as I share the insiders secrets to how to make your packaging speak human @ http://www.instantpresenter.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=EA50D786854C


Why me? I’m one of the top consumer product packaging experts and I’ll share 35+ years of packaging expertise about what works and what doesn’t.


Best of all its free!

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Oct 06 2011

Plethora of Pink

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When I first read this I thought WOW.  But my second thought was OMG! Now I’m all for supporting the cause and I do look for specially marked pink packages (but only of its something I’m buying anyway).

When I saw this display I was a bit overwhelmed almost like indoctrination. What happens when we get over saturated with messages? They fail to register at all. That’s a bit how I felt when I saw all this pink (over 40 products) General Mills packaging. So much so it made me think I can’t wait for October to be over.

Will the plethora of pink turn people off? Well at the very least they will become inured to the very reason the products are pink in the 1st place.

Plethora Of Pink

What’s on your pink radar? Let me know if you are annoyed or just in pink overload.

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Oct 03 2011

Is Your Packaging In The Pink?

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I’m sure you are aware of the fact that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s interesting to see how much awareness the consumer goods companies have taken in this as a marketing ploy since I started writing about cause marketing packages a couple of years ago.

This week, I received no less than five press releases about pink product packaging coinciding with the Susan Komen Race For The Cure and breast cancer awareness month. It ran from cereal to pasta. This is a far cry from the marketers a few years ago. As it turns out, many new companies are jumping on the “cause marketing” bandwagon in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by offering products in pink packages.
Right now breast cancer is the most popular female issue used in “cause” marketing. It is closely identified with marketing to women, the 80+% purchaser and decision maker of all consumer goods categories. So companies are thinking that pink is a win-win with female audiences. Yoplait, as well as Campbells Soup, has been supporting breast cancer for a number of years.

But let’s look at this a little more closely. It is important to recognize the fact that not all women are swayed by supporting a cause in their purchasing decision. It’s more complicated than just slapping a new (pink) label on the package or putting products in pink boxes. You have to connect with her in a meaningful way too. If she is not convinced about the validity of the product, then putting it in a pink package will not sway her either.
I am not sure how much each CPG company is donating to the cause but this presents a great opportunity for “cause marketing” through product packaging. You can capitalize through product packaging on other causes too. In fact, you can create ongoing cause marketing campaigns throughout the year with a little creative license.

A word of caution be sure and consider this.

There are two sides to this issue;

1) Companies that really believe in supporting the cause for which they are endorsing who develop pink products in the case of supporting breast cancer,


2) Companies who are use a cause as a marketing gimmick to sell more product. In this case, many people question the amount of money that is actually donated. Is it insignificant compared to the profits made during a special cause marketing campaign? I think the issue revolves around the words “a portion of the profits” and that varies from company to company.

All of the companies have details on their web sites just how much is actually donated of its not on the packaging. If you don’t like what its says or supports don’t buy it!

But whatever your opinion — whether you are induced to make a purchase or to support a cause — packaging for cause marketing is here to stay. The question is can you make it profitable for your company to support this endeavor. Will your customer, the ultimate decision maker, look at your company in a favorable light or be turned off because they think you are out there to make a quick buck just because it’s a popular initiative at the moment? So think pink or not, be sure and understand how and why pink product packaging might impact the bottom line.


Worried about or where your next packaging customer is coming from? I can help. Sign up for my free webinar @ http://bit.ly/oGvLXx

The MFG.com Packaging Marketplace is a game-changer. Don’t you get it? This is how your customers will be finding YOU in the very near future.

Happy Packaging!


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Sep 29 2011

The Packaging Marketplace; Where your customers are heading

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The MFG.com Packaging Marketplace is a game-changer. Don’t you get it? This is how your customers will be finding YOU in the very near future.


Manufacturing is the world’s largest industry. Just look around you, everything is manufactured – and most everything that gets manufactured also gets packaged. The packaging marketplace was a natural progression for MFG.com as we are laser focused on helping product companies connect and collaborate with packaging suppliers. 87% of the Fortune 100 Manufacturing companies and hundreds of thousands of small & medium sized manufacturing businesses already use MFG.com.


For suppliers, the MFG.com marketplace is the most powerful lead generation tool available, providing a steady stream of prospective customers through a variety of channels including:


- RFQ’s (HOT leads) intelligently matched to the type of work and customer profile you specify

- Search Engine Optimization so you rank high in all major search engines for the search terms important to you

- Syndication into Supplier Discovery Databases used by the world’s leading companies

- Syndication into Industry Portals and leading software applications


In this webinar, we will show you where the packaging manufacturing business is heading and give you real-life examples of how Suppliers are using the Marketplace environment to gain new customers and grow their business. You will walk away from this webinar with all of the information you will need to become a successful Marketplace supplier yourself!


This webinar will be hosted by the Packaging Diva – Mrs. JoAnn Hines!  We will leave plenty of time at the end of the Webinar to ask her any packaging related questions you may have.  The Packaging Diva offers MFG.com suppliers incredibly valuable insight and expertise in the packaging industry.


We hope to “see” you there!

Sign up today:


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Aug 01 2011

Packaging Crap

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Recently I’ve seen a host of new product introductions and I wondered who is going to buy that?  But there are products out there for everyone. After reviewing the items I got thinking these are great examples of the “Power Of The Package” you know packaging as the silent salesperson. After all its the packaging that going to sway you or not to consider purchasing these products.

When I read about Bling H20, I initially thought what a great marketing ploy but then I realized that primary target demographics: boomers and women would be the ideal audience. These groups have money to spend and are willing to spend it for the right products. The luxury consumable market is also on the rise and product are being created to meet the demand.  People are willing to invest in themselves with a little luxury spending so why not luxury bottle water.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this product Bling H20 ($55 a bottle) is no ordinary water. It comes in a thin, tall, frosted glass bottle and each 750ml bottle is handcrafted, corked, and decorated with exquisite Swarovski Crystals.  Wow what a concept! I love Swarovski Crystals anyway.

Photo courtesy Marsaili McGrath/Getty Images

Ask me about DIVA vodka I’m still angling for a review bottle (full of course)

via buzznet.com

Along with other products in the super luxury category comes this example. “ICE ROCKS are a secured ice cube product made from spring water for the luxury market.” But its more that just high priced ice cubes. It touches us in other ways that are important such as product purity and security. They even touch the environmental button too with eco-friendly containers. “The ice cubes are made for savvy consumers who seek the same level of purity for the ice cubes they place in their favorite beverages. These cubes, to be consumed within two (2) years, are hermetically packaged in disposable, eco-friendly containers, providing the user with a complete guarantee with regard to hygiene and safety, while respecting the environment.” Ready to buy some prepackaged ice?

I had to finish with this one. Packaging Crap. Yes, you heard it you can package anything and sell it if you have the right marketing message in your product packaging. This is a direct quote “If the package looks pretty, people will buy just about anything. So says an advertising executive in New York, and he has proved his point by selling boxes of rubbish for the price of an expensive bottle of wine. Justin Gignac, has offloaded almost 900 carefully presented plastic cubes of trash from the street of the Big Apple at between $50 (£26) and $100 each. Buyers from 19 countries have paid for the souvenirs. The idea has been so successful that he is thinking of franchising it around the world.” Yikes buying crap, my husband would love that one. He thinks all my packaging “examples” are crap too so maybe I should put them on Ebay.

Via Alltop

But to recap why and how packaging works as a sales tool.  It sends a message to the consumer. Its up to you the product manufacturer to determine what that message will be and who the audience is. But whomever the demographic the package has an important role to play and its integral to building your brand.

Product branding is a powerful influence on everyone. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of happiness, satisfaction, security and information. The best of all brands cross gender, ethnicity and age demographics. That is to say that everyone will recognize and identify with the brand.

When you capture the power of the package people will integrate your product into their everyday life. They will not just turn to it as a convenience but as a necessity for comfortable living. So create your own story through powerful product packaging. Whatever your category, you should strive to engage, evoke, and engross the consumer to revitalize your brand through product packaging. Just remember when you connect with your consumer you can package anything even crap!

Like this?

Stayed tuned each week for more branding and packaging examples and dialogue.

For more ways to utilize packaging branding, innovation and marketing concepts to “connect” with your consumer contact me @ http://packagingdiva.com. You can also subscribe to the complimentary newsletter “Packaging News You Can Use” at the same address.

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