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Aug 01 2011

Packaging Crap

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Recently I’ve seen a host of new product introductions and I wondered who is going to buy that?  But there are products out there for everyone. After reviewing the items I got thinking these are great examples of the “Power Of The Package” you know packaging as the silent salesperson. After all its the packaging that going to sway you or not to consider purchasing these products.

When I read about Bling H20, I initially thought what a great marketing ploy but then I realized that primary target demographics: boomers and women would be the ideal audience. These groups have money to spend and are willing to spend it for the right products. The luxury consumable market is also on the rise and product are being created to meet the demand.  People are willing to invest in themselves with a little luxury spending so why not luxury bottle water.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this product Bling H20 ($55 a bottle) is no ordinary water. It comes in a thin, tall, frosted glass bottle and each 750ml bottle is handcrafted, corked, and decorated with exquisite Swarovski Crystals.  Wow what a concept! I love Swarovski Crystals anyway.

Photo courtesy Marsaili McGrath/Getty Images

Ask me about DIVA vodka I’m still angling for a review bottle (full of course)

via buzznet.com

Along with other products in the super luxury category comes this example. “ICE ROCKS are a secured ice cube product made from spring water for the luxury market.” But its more that just high priced ice cubes. It touches us in other ways that are important such as product purity and security. They even touch the environmental button too with eco-friendly containers. “The ice cubes are made for savvy consumers who seek the same level of purity for the ice cubes they place in their favorite beverages. These cubes, to be consumed within two (2) years, are hermetically packaged in disposable, eco-friendly containers, providing the user with a complete guarantee with regard to hygiene and safety, while respecting the environment.” Ready to buy some prepackaged ice?

I had to finish with this one. Packaging Crap. Yes, you heard it you can package anything and sell it if you have the right marketing message in your product packaging. This is a direct quote “If the package looks pretty, people will buy just about anything. So says an advertising executive in New York, and he has proved his point by selling boxes of rubbish for the price of an expensive bottle of wine. Justin Gignac, has offloaded almost 900 carefully presented plastic cubes of trash from the street of the Big Apple at between $50 (£26) and $100 each. Buyers from 19 countries have paid for the souvenirs. The idea has been so successful that he is thinking of franchising it around the world.” Yikes buying crap, my husband would love that one. He thinks all my packaging “examples” are crap too so maybe I should put them on Ebay.

Via Alltop

But to recap why and how packaging works as a sales tool.  It sends a message to the consumer. Its up to you the product manufacturer to determine what that message will be and who the audience is. But whomever the demographic the package has an important role to play and its integral to building your brand.

Product branding is a powerful influence on everyone. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of happiness, satisfaction, security and information. The best of all brands cross gender, ethnicity and age demographics. That is to say that everyone will recognize and identify with the brand.

When you capture the power of the package people will integrate your product into their everyday life. They will not just turn to it as a convenience but as a necessity for comfortable living. So create your own story through powerful product packaging. Whatever your category, you should strive to engage, evoke, and engross the consumer to revitalize your brand through product packaging. Just remember when you connect with your consumer you can package anything even crap!

Like this?

Stayed tuned each week for more branding and packaging examples and dialogue.

For more ways to utilize packaging branding, innovation and marketing concepts to “connect” with your consumer contact me @ http://packagingdiva.com. You can also subscribe to the complimentary newsletter “Packaging News You Can Use” at the same address.

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Mar 11 2011

Packaging “Greenwash” – Saving the Environment For EarthDay

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Wow, have I been flooded with a host of new “green” packaging innovations this year. Everyone is jumping on the environmentalist’s green band wagon. I am constantly asked if environmental sustainability is a flash in the pan. If this is any indication, the recent Sustainable Packaging Forum was sold out with attendees looking for the latest packaging news in saving the environment.

Seventh Generation New Paper Bottle

via greenbiz.com

Heinz Plant Bottle

via Inhabitat.com

I have joked before that packaging is the true cause of “global warming.” But seriously, what is the reality? What is the real truth behind companies touting green packaging for the benefit of society? Environmental issues are a hot topic right now, so people are climbing aboard.  Global warming topics are on the news daily and people are looking for scapegoats as to its cause. Companies such as Wal-Mart are driving manufacturers to consider more environmentally friendly options in their packaging materials. In fact, their packaging scorecard continues their commitment of reducing packaging across its global supply chain by 5 percent by 2013.

The packaging industry is often chastised for having unfriendly environmental policies. I’m not here to debate this point, but I do want to talk about using environmental issues in a positive and realistic manner.

I’m not the only one either an new environmental group has been formed supporting the packaging community from a manufacturing perspective Ameripen.org

I’m not here to debate this point, but I do want to talk about using environmental issues in a positive and realistic manner

Let’s take the word “green” as an example. Obviously, we think of the color first.
But what about the variations of the definition that relate to packaging? How green is your packaging world?

  • Green could mean less damage to the environment.
  • Green could imply producing packaging from renewable resources.
  • Green could entail designing products for environmental sustainability.
  • Green could connote the use of less material and recyclable and degradable materials.

So “green” can be maximized for branding purposes in a host of different ways.  If you have a “green” packaging product what ways are you capitalizing on the current media exposure? (In addition to sending out a press announcement.) Here are a few points to consider:

  • Did you support or promote participation in any Earth Day activities?
  • Do you belong to one of the many organizations that support “green” and the environment?
  • Did you orchestrate your new packaging introduction to coincide with Earth Day or other environmental events?
  • Have you submitted your green product to the numerous packaging associations that offer opportunities for environmental awards?
  • Have you submitted your package to any of the non packaging related organizations that have “environmental” awards?
  • Do you have a plan in place for your staff to understand and utilize in order to build your “green” brand?
  • Do your employees believe in being “green?” (This is a very important buy in.)
  • Have you looked at any web sites such as treehugger.com (great site with lots about packaging) to see what they are doing?

Sure it seems a bit far fetched but Treehugger lives in the blogosphere world and we all know how important blogging is to the media. Try a quick GOOGLE search for “green packaging.” Yes, there are a few products listed but what is more important is what is NOT there. A huge area of untapped marketing potential is available for increasing the visibility for your packaging products.

No matter how unusual or “out there” the opportunity seems do not under estimate who will see and read about your “green” brand.  The branding hot spots I want you to think about are:

  1. Is your “green” packaging product is a flash in the pan?
  2. Has there been serious brand integration of the “green” message throughout your company?
  3. Are you using your “green” message in all the promotion, literature and media exposure?

The reality begs this question. Are you packaging “greenwash” to capitalize on a current media trend or are you saving the environment with “true” environmentally friendly packaging?

Want more ways to capitalize on going green?

Order my ebook Is it Green Or Garbage

Invest in the sustainable packaging answers you need for only $14.95 and order this ebook now


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Dec 20 2010

Packaging That Keeps On Giving

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This is the time of the year when the media is all a frenzy about consumer product packaging. Whether its “wrap rage” over hard to open packaging, too much packaging, or just packaging in general is everybody has something bad to say about product packaging. Most of the time people just complain and never consider solutions but a finally companies are coming up with feasible product packaging programs.

It’s common knowledge that the green movement is getting considerable traction. There have been a host of eco friendly product packaging claims and innovations. Companies are seriously looking for ways to resolve the consumers of dissatisfaction over excess or too much product packaging. Although many companies are trying to come up with eco friendly packaging alternatives the answer may not be just to have a “greener” package but to reconfigure the packaging purpose altogether.

The key is to think about packaging differently. Its not going away as so many people would like to suggest. Packaging has a job to do and considering how few problems we have with products, packaging IS performing as intended.

So what other options are there?

Several businesses have begun reusing discarded packaging and turning it into other products. The most notable being Terracycle that has several partnerships with major CPG companies. They take back your old packaging and you even get paid for it like they do with bottle surcharges. From the used packaging they create a whole host of new products and the consumer is happy.

Terracycle has turned this into a very profitable business and partners with companies like Kraft.

Making Money From Old Packaging.

New terms have surfaced packaging that is “precycled” that it be “repurposed” for secondary use. Good examples with be glass containers that have a secondary life, aluminum tins that can be used for other purposes or any package that can be reused in a different method from its primary purpose. This concept has been around for a while, its just that many companies are getting more creative about it.

In addition there are other things to think about, ways that packaging can give back to its users by or donating proceeds to other needy causes. The latest rage is celebrities using product packaging to support their special causes. We’ve all seen the use of the pink breast cancer ribbon on product packaging but other causes are coming forward. You will see statements such as X percentage of proceeds are given back to X charity or a % of profits will be donated to a specific cause. Not sure who monitors that this really happens but the sentiment is good anyway.


Via PackagingWorld

Lastly products like the Cargo lipstick packaging that gives back as another product entirely. When you plant the package embedded with seeds it turns into flowers.

Cargo Plant Love (plantable container)

Or this shipping box embedded with tree seeds.

LifeBox that keeps on giving.

via Inhabitat

However you package your products think creatively about the packaging. Can it see another life as something else or is it just something going into the trash. As brands struggle for differentiation one way might be to create packaging that keeps on giving long after the product is gone.

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Dec 14 2010

Important Eco Packaging Tweets That Can Influence Your Business

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I get so many tweets, Over 11 thousand people listen to what I have to say.  These tweets and packaging innovations are important to your future in packaging.

Green Packaging Innovations Worth A Look

Green Box Builds Cutlery Right into its Packaging

Photo of Green Box Via: tuvie

What do you think about this idea?

Flexible Eco Packaging. Stretchable paper could revolutionize the plastics industry.

Photo of billerud fibreform Via: billerud

Will this packaging solve the problem of closing product packaging like cereal?

What about less packaging by eliminating the liner?

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Dec 09 2010

Most Popular Green Packaging Tweets W/O 11/29

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Lots of news, hype, spin and some truth to all the green packaging news I see each week.  These stories had a lot of traction and I leave it up to you to decide the veracity

You can learn more about “going green” with your packaging.

The Packaging Diva shares 6 steps toward greener packaging.


Packaging is designed to convey and protect but what other functions must it serve too? Green product packaging and sustainability is the hottest issue facing manufacturers today.

There is considerable confusion about what really is considered sustainable and why? Will “going green” change your brand perception from customers or more importantly will consumers really care?

JoAnn will show you how to separate fact from fiction as you learn these 6 steps towards “greener” packaging while keeping it out of the garbage too.

This easy to read tutorial is filled with examples and insights about what works and in some cases what doesn’t. So before you launch your new packaging be sure and read this ebook to ensure you are not making a packaging mistake.

Invest in the sustainable packaging answers you need for only $14.95 and order this ebook now @ http://bit.ly/9RfNtz

Special Bonus: Understanding sustainable packaging terminology and definitions, sustainable packaging icons and sustainable packaging resources.

Trying to understand the “eco” packaging landscape? I can help you. Just email me @
packagingdiva (at) aol.com

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